Call Me Boomerang

Morning my lovelies,

Recently, in sourcing seed money for this little ad-venture of mine, I applied for public funding from a source that seemed ideally suited, and happily I got through to the finals.  The pitch went very well and I handled all the questions, so I waited for the result I felt sure was coming.


How over-confident was I! I did not in fact win the prize and it was time for humble pie. The pitching process was a big challenge for me on a few fronts, and in overcoming my fear, I think I overestimated my abilities.  So this was another part of the learning curve - being realistic and accepting disappointments, moving on and adapting.

Which I have.  But I have done better.  I met another budding entrepreneur this week, and I remembered speaking with an applicant for that public funding who had a related business.  So I set about connecting these two entrepreneurs, for them to explore opportunities with each other.

And so now, instead of dwelling on this experience as a failure, I recognise that I have mastered pitching my venture in a short time, and better yet, I have helped two other entrepreneurs in the course of it.  So that is something to be happy about.

And of course, there’ll always be other days to shine.

Must dash….


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