Hello gorgeous people,

They say a change is as good as a rest.  I’m not so sure I’d agree...

I’m a creature of habit - I like to find routines that work in this busy family life. My darling husband listens endlessly to the reasons why we should stick to our systems and the wee ones happily fall in line with the chore chart.  Ok, that’s not quite true, but one perseveres :-)

Just as our family life was almost in good working order, I went and threw a Grade A spanner into the works: I took on this adventure of starting a business and, being so excited, threw all my energy at it and found little left for the scintillating domestic routine.

So now we are scrambling to find new ways to keep this ship afloat.  

It’s not easy.  A snow shovel would be useful when wading through the house at present, and super-quick-but-healthy dinners are challenging.  One wonders if there is any possibility of unilaterally introducing a Finnish system of no homework. And the guilt rides high: I have the World’s Best Mum stepping in to bridge gaps in the day but I miss this time with the kids.

This is a new chapter, and an exciting one at that. The rationale for entrepreneurship over returning to paid employment was better work-life balance - flexibility to carry out the work around family commitments. I really want this to work, for all my family.

So we will forge onwards and figure out how to square this circle.  Rather than my usual approach of extensive planning, we’re just having to dive in and figure it out as we go along.

So it may not be restful, but this is a change for good.  And I’m going to do my level best make it really good - simply the best.

Must dash,


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