Sunshine & Daffodils

Hello friends,

This lovely sunny weather and happy daffodils are lifting my spirits - isn’t it amazing how nature can spark joy?

Of late, I’ve been learning to take a beat, to smell the flowers, to live in the moment. They say to be grateful for the good things in your life, to connect with good people and to be kind.

It’s hard to manage it all in this busy world, but rather than run at full tilt until the legs go from under me, I need to find ways to take a breath and build some self-preservation into daily life.  There are so many demands from work to children to extended family and friends - which is a lovely complaint - but you have to put on your own life jacket before you can help others. has #balanceforbetter as its theme, which I am going to interpret as both an aim for better gender balance and for a more balanced life.  This entrepreneurial adventure is very exciting and challenging, but it is also unnerving and not a little scary, and it requires resilience and pushing oneself right out of one’s comfort zone.  So I am taking a moment to acknowledge the challenge and to push myself forward.

A large part of being able to push on is recognising and appreciating all the helping hands that are guiding me along.  So I am grateful for all the help I have received to date from friends, from mentors, from new connections, from existing networks and of course thank you dear readers for taking the time to read this - it is really lovely to have people lending their strength and support; in fact it is humbling.  And while my wider mission is empowering women, I am feeling empowered by this process so I want to show my gratitude for that and to keep the good karma flowing.

So happy International Womens’ Day to you all, happy mental wellbeing and happy Springtime.

Must dash…


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