Mothers' Day

Hello again gorgeous peeps.

D’you know the way they say we girls turn into our mothers? Well, I have always thought that applied to other people - you see, my mother is a sweetheart, and I love her dearly, but we are very different beasts.  Of course, I have learned from her mistakes and so I have a more, shall we say, enlightened approach to this thing we call Life.

Cue pride before a fall...

When I went to water my succulents this morning (having recently rehomed some to the collection of chipped cups #winning), it bothered me that it was taking too long to repeatedly refill the dainty watering jug and so I looked about for a larger vessel, which would increase the efficiency of the task and allow me to return to work more quickly, and my eye happened on the fancy yellow jug and the teapot.  Said yellow jug, while being really very pretty, is more for custard and such, whereas the teapot was purchased after research on heat-retention and anti-spill qualities. So, the teapot it was. As I said, enlightened.

And so, rather chuffed with my increased efficiency in delivery, I sang a happy little tune as I resumed watering.

Image then my shock to realise that that horror of horrors, that calamitous inevitability of turning into my mother had, in fact, befell me!!!  Singing a little tune as I watered with the teapot - the very act of madness I had much-derided and teased her about! And there I was!

The indignity!

Well, after the shock passed, I had no option but to howl with laughter at my arrogance and come-uppance. Be it a trick of age or fate, it happened. And there was no going back or explaining away.  Karma bit. And hard.

Happy Mother’s Day y’all.

Must dash…


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