The Morning Rush

Good morning my lovelies.

Today I tried a twist on the usual morning routine of getting the darling little cubs out the door for Hedge School: for every time I had to tell a cub to hurry up, they earned a chore.  After a little pawing about, I squared my shoulders, curled my lip and locked eyes with the little darlings and, upon starting to open my mouth, lo and behold, they started to move themselves along their morning routine! Banana number 1 even made the porridge and had it divvied out by the time I came down from sprucing and zhuzzing my tail! Wonder of wonders, miracles of miracles!  We actually made it out of the fox hole on time.

Poor Mrs Owl’Neill had a bit of a heart failure when she saw us running through the yard - she thought her watch had stopped, but no, we on time for once!


Must dash…


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