About Us

We have curated this collection of beautiful, high quality products for your perusal - we hope you enjoy exploring.

Established in 2019, we are a social enterprise looking to champion creativity in all its forms. We work with local artists in Mid Ulster to sell their products, and we also run classes with these artists for them to pass on their skills to you - all while having fun and bringing out your inner artiste!

As a collective of artists, we know the value of creating something - the effort, the commitment, and above all, the amazing feeling of having made something entirely from within you and with your own hands. We'd love to pass this feeling on far and wide, so come join us at one of our classes - we'll have details on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, so keep an eye out for those.

We also run a coffee hatch in the Torrent Complex, Donaghmore, where we serve really very good coffee (specialty beans only!), premium tea & vegan-friendly hot chocolate along with our in-house healthy bakes. We use local suppliers for our ingredients, as we whole-heartedly believe in supporting local.  You can see some of our products IRL* here, and you can also collect your purchases from here - if you'd like to save on postage & carbon footprint.  It's the same building that we run our classes out of, so you could stop before or after to grab some well-needed refuelling! 

We believe in people. That's kinda it in a nutshell. Contagious kindness would be a fantastic thing, and we'd love to be responsible for an epidemic of kindness spreading across the land. We invest in every person we engage with, and we want you to come away knowing you have empowered a local artist, feeling great having learned a new skill, and in the course of this, made new friends -  and that you helped us grow too. We promise to reinvest our profits to make this bigger & better and even more contagious than that rotten auld Covid-19 :-)

Everyone is welcome to be part of this. This is for You, for Us, for All of Us. And so say all of us.

#create     #gather     #empower

* (= In Real Life for the over30s!)