Fionnuala O'Neill - Printmaker

Fionnuala O'Neill profile picture, Printmaker outside Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

Fionnuala is a Printmaker based outside Dungannon, Co. Tyrone. After graduating in 2012, she joined a local printmaking studio, developing her skills & knowledge in the art of printmaking and experience in the art world, working her way to studio manager.

Fionnuala has hosted workshops for a number of organisations including PEACE IV, Assist Youth, Action Mental Health, Cedar Foundation, Positive Futures, British Heart & Stroke Foundation, Men's Shed, Alzheimer Society and International Women's Group, as well as working with a number of arts organisations and international artists.

Fionnuala now has her own business offering creative workshops to encourage positive well-being and social interaction among participants. Each workshop or project is tailored to each customer's needs and desires.

In 2019, Fionnuala set herself a personal goal to host 3 solo exhibitions, each different from the other. Starting off with "Skyline" looking at gorgeous skies & capturing atmosphere, she then moved to "Wavelength" featuring some of her favourite pieces of the ocean, creating patterns with the waves which gave her inspiration for her third exhibition "Curved Solstice."

See Fionnuala's collection here.