Jenny Bartholomew

Jennifer Bart - partner artist

This is Jennifer Bartholomew, the artist behind our lovely framed sketches.

Jennifer came to us through a friend who just loved her drawing, who had asked Jenny to sketch a photo which held a lot of sentimentality. Seeing her skills, our mutual friend pointed Jenny to us, and we are delighted to bring Jenny under our umbrella of partner artists!

Jennifer is a retired principal, who came back to drawing in the Covid-19 Lockdown, not having done much since leaving school. In reconnecting with this old love, Jenny realised how much joy it brought her, and how much she enjoyed the whole process - art is indeed therapy! So after doing some drawings for friends, she was encouraged to take it further, and so she took the bold step to get in touch and hey presto, here we are!

Based near the Moy, Jenny shares a full and busy life with her husband of many years, her children and grandchildren, with whom they are very hands on! Hugely supportive of her growing brood, Jenny knows the value of time and love. 

Inspired by nature & family, Jennifer's drawings are gentle and evocative, with nuanced details. Beautiful art to celebrate the everyday.

After teaching

Pastoral care of children when in school, then of women after school work & counselling with women for few years - special interest in that.

Arts very therapeutic, espially coming out of Covid. Any form, getting it out of people. Dormant, get it out, get it used. 

Women's mental health particular interest - self belief.

See Jennifer's range of art here.