Jenny Bartholomew Artist

Jennifer Bart - partner artist

This is Jenny Bartholomew, the artist behind our lovely framed sketches & paintings.

Jenny came to us through a mutual friend who encouraged her to talk to us and when we saw her beautiful drawings & paintings, we were only delighted to bring Jenny under our umbrella of partner artists!

Based near the Moy, Jenny shares a full and busy life with her husband & grandchildren. 

Having retired from teaching, Jenny found herself in need of well-being in the Covid-19 Lockdown and turned to her hobby of old: drawing. In reconnecting with this, Jenny remembered how much joy it brought her, and how much she enjoyed the whole process - art is indeed therapy! Jenny firmly believes there is creativity in everyone, and we should each work to bring it out and use it for our own well-being. Little wonder we feel ourselves kindred spirits - this is our theory of creativity!

Compassion and pastoral care has long been part of Jenny's daily life, and this is evident in the delicate nuances in her work.  This is beautiful art which celebrates the every day, capturing moments and feelings in skilful brushstrokes. 

Jenny's artwork is coming online very soon...