James Swan - Tickets Please!

The Fox & Bean partner Artist James Swan of Tickets Please!
TICKETS PLEASE! specialises in selling original framed railway tickets of Ireland/Northern Ireland from the 1950's-70's.
After obtaining a few of these old tickets at a car boot sale, James Swan became intrigued so much by these that he sought out various enthusiasts and collectors of railway memorabilia. After obtaining a large quantity of these tickets, he had the idea of framing them up as gifts for dads and granddads who remember using these.
With a lot of these old railway stations now closed, these products are making sentimental gifts for loved ones taking them on a trip down memory lane.  The railway has and still plays a huge part in Northern Ireland's transport history and created so many memories of days gone by. 
These old tickets are a reminder of that and unfortunately one day will soon be forgotten in the digital world we now live in with paperless and contactless the future.
Now 7 years later and after appearing on the BBC 1 series 'Walk the line' hosted by Barra Best, James' tickets are catering for all age groups and occasions. Whether it's Mother's/Father's Day, Retirement gifts, or Christmas, my frames can be personalised with the tickets chosen by the customer creating their own 'memory journey'.
James has also expanded the product range to include a range of drinks coasters, placemats, ceramic mugs, prints and greetings cards.