The Night Before The Morning After

Tomorrow is our first offering to the public - a one-day pop-up café to tie in with the NI Science Festival Roadshow. Our space (geddit) is an inter-galactic café, the last pitstop before deepest darkest space.  We also have dinosaurs roaming our shelves among a gathering of succulents, and Sharon the skeleton is keeping watch on proceedings to make sure nothing gets out of hand overnight...these T-Rex dudes do tend to run amok!

It will be a simple offering of drinks & snacks, but it’ll be a good opportunity to meet a few folk.  

I’m now quite wrecked after chasing my bushy tail for a few days, but the big shop has been done, the flyers are printed and the aprons are shortly to be collected. I’m going to try to convince the cubs that it really is a good idea to go to bed early even though they are on mid-term...

So early night, early start, deep breaths and as The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy says, DON’T PANIC!

Must dash…


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