Eileen Kelly - Omagh Aromas

Eileen Kelly of Omagh Aromas

This is Eileen Kelly, maker of candles and aromatic loveliness! 

We met Eileen at a local farmer's market where she impressed us with her eye-catching packaging and of course the beautiful scents in her products, and we are delighted to be Eileen's only stockist in East Tyrone. Living in Omagh, we're loving the local artist from just up the road!

Every cloud had a silver lining: finding herself on the brink of abandoning this candle-making project, Eileen suddenly found herself with extra time thanks to Covid-19 Lockdown, which gave her the space she needed to rebrand and develop her process to make this a viable venture.  Lemonade out of life's lemons with a Lemongrass & Lime scent if you will :-)

She finds the creative process rewarding and therapeutic, and relishes her repeat customers, of which we are happy to form part!

 A teacher, wife & mum, Eileen is a busy lady! Taking a scientific approach to her craft, Eileen has developed 11 fragrances across her candles & reed diffusers. 

Eileen's candles are 100% soy wax - find no paraffin or other impurities. As such, these give a good heat throw and are asthma-friendly.  The black velvet pouches they come in are too lovely to be discarded, so get eco-warrior and re-use & recycle! 

Highly fragranced with fragrance oils, the reeds in the diffusers need no flipping :-) They will carry the scent throughout, long-lasting and beautiful. Refills are also available, filling out eco-friendly criteria nicely :-)

Safety tested & CPR compliant, these candles & diffusers will keep your home smelling fabulous & warm.

Eileen's range will be available online very soon....