Suzanne Donnelly - Sue's Arts Textiles

Textile artist Suzanne Donnelly uses various different materials to create
wonderful textiles pieces, which you'll see straight off in her luxurious and indulgent pieces.

From Altaglushan in Galbally, Co. Tyrone, Suzanne is as about as local as we can get! Using her heritage from our rich landscape, Suzanne creates vibrant, lush pieces drawing on our rural landscape of flora and fauna.

Suzanne was introduced to textiles in secondary school and from there she continued her exploration of art and textiles at Belfast Metropolitan College where she attained a Diploma in Art and Design, followed up with a degree in Fashion Management.

“I really enjoy working with textiles - it has always been an interest of mine.  I love experimenting with different textures, colours and various mediums to create unique, one-off pieces”. I’m drawn to landscape and nature as an inspiration for some of my work."

Suzanne currently facilitates textile workshops and is constantly learning
new techniques and crafts along the way.

In her free time, she enjoys constructing and creating her own exclusive pieces - Covid-19 Lockdown has given Suzanne time to create more gorgeous pieces for us - there's always a silver lining!

See Suzanne's gorgeous collection here.