David Keys

David Keys of D Keys Sustainable Wood Working

A native of Moneymore, David came to his woodworking venture as a way of working through an unexpected period of free time due to redundancy. In having a moment to think about the direction of his life, David came to realise he actually didn't like his previous salesman job very much at all! 

David decided to embark on a university course on Sustainable Design, and several things then aligned to bring him to this happy pursuit: 

One day, he found himself creating a coaster with some tools lying in his parents' garage, and the joy it brought him sparked something within. He started to read about old tools, handworking with natural wood, and discovered a deep love of turning a piece of nature into useful, functional, beautiful objects. 

Developing his skills through trials and mistakes, David sourced old tools online and brought them back to life, teaching himself in the process. 

In the moment that he resurrected his grandfather's smoothing plane and felt a surge of connection to a man he had never met, David knew this was his calling. 

The peace and calm it brings him is therapy in itself, and keeping grounded with nature and his heritage brings a simple sense of joy. 

This unplugged way of working with tools surrounded by nature's beauty is David's medium, his natural environment.  David wants to share this sense of well-being with others, and his classes show new skills and provide a gentle method to calm the soul.

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