Feilin Campbell Artist

Feilin Quinn Campbell profile picture, contemporary fine artists in Ardboe, Co. Tyrone

Feilin Campbell: a native of Co. Armagh, happily married with two young children living along the shores of Lough Neagh in Ardboe Co Tyrone.

Her love for art began at a very young age and became a focal point in her education.

Feilin spent 10 years working in the construction industry after receiving a degree in Architecture from Queens University Belfast and a diploma in Interior Design from the Dublin Institute of Design.

Recently, Feilin has returned to her first love: acrylic painting. Feilin enjoys painting Irish landscapes, looking beyond the image, often exaggerating colours and textures creating an impressionistic style.

Her commission work allows people to connect with her art as she captures the essence of the subject. She is mainly self-taught and believes that if you are passionate enough about something, you will work hard, immersing yourself in it.

Her work can be viewed from her studio at home in Ardboe.

See Feilin Campbell's art collection here.