Geraldine Daly

Hailing from the hills of Carrickmore Co. Tyrone, Geraldine Daly is passionate about empowerment and wellbeing to make you the best You, the happiest You. As a qualified youth and community worker, she has developed and delivered numerous personal and social development courses to diverse audiences for over 20 years.

Having qualified as an Aromatherapist in 2006, Geraldine uses essential oils to stimulate and soothe the senses.

Having completed many courses in various aspects of self development and self awareness, Geraldine brings a compassionate and trauma-informed approach to her work. Recognising that emotions and ability to learn are inextricably linked, she has embedded emotional regulation into her practice through breath work, movement, mindfulness, relaxation and aromatherapy. Through her work, Geraldine has supported many people achieve optimal wellbeing.


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