Well-being Workshop No. 4: Connect-2-Assertiveness

Well-being Workshop No. 4: Connect-2-Assertiveness

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In this fourth workshop with Geraldine from Connect 2 Brilliance, we will explore how to build safe fences to create healthy boundaries. 

Note: this is a stand-alone workshop, but attendants of our previous C2B workshops "Connect-2-Me", "Connect-2-Mind" and “Connect-2-Communicate” will build on their learning in those sessions. If you already know what Well-being is, about the importance of focusing inward to keep yourself at your best self, then this workshop will also work for you.

As kind and caring people who want the best for our loved ones, it can be hard to say No to certain gatherings, certain situations. It can often be easier to go along with others' wishes than to create a scene. And when we are raised in the expectation of falling in line, avoiding conflict, avoiding displeasing even when it can be at great cost to self, it can seem like a huge mountain to scale. 

But if the happiness of others comes at a price to your happiness, then you will burn out. Delivering a project on time or helping save someone else's crisis is all well and good, unless it sacrifices your time and your energy. So you need to learn to identify when something is working for you, and when things are not.

When we tend our own garden first, keeping a level of order, filling it with colour and life, bringing with it the smells and sounds of nature, we create a space to calm and replenish the mind and body. We need this inner space to quieten, to assess, to recharge. Each day we need to reconnect within and remember to follow our own path. An abundant garden with clear fences gives us this space to stay at our best self.  As they say, good fences make for good neighbours!

Building on from our understanding of Self, of how to recognise and deal with Stress, we now turn to creating Healthy Boundaries. 

Under Geraldine's excellent guidance, we will learn how to create healthy boundaries to safeguard your inner self and safeguards to alert us when these are being tested. We will learn how to communicate effectively and safely, using language to regulate commitments and availability. We will discuss how our body language and behaviours do not always work in a stressful moment, and how we can change to use these to our advantage. All with the aim of keeping You the centre of your focus, to make sure you do not over-commit or over-stretch, and do only what is right for you. 

In this session, we will learn about the importance of recognising our individual limits, and within and around this, our individual desires. We explore what it is we want out of life, what we strive for, what makes us happy. And once we are clear on this, we can set in place safeguards to keep us on this path, to gently and respectfully push away those things that take away from our happiness, from our goals.

In understanding negative situations and relationships, we understand what is good for us and what is not. We weed out those things that make us unhappy, and we tend to the flowers that bring us joy. 

In a similar format to our previous Wellbeing Workshops, we will start with a calming sequence to slow the day down, then some gentle movement to wake up the senses and increase the blood flow around the body.  We'll then turn to the learning of this workshop, creating Space and establishing Healthy Boundaries. Followed by yoga and ending with a guided visualisation to help you know how to incorporate this vital self-care into your regular routine.  

Aromatherapy oils will be used during the session to awaken the senses, and we will have mats available for yoga, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. Please bring a warm fleece or blanket for the end of the session as your body cools down during the visualisation.

Numbers are limited to ensure each participant gets individual attention and benefits fully.

This is a stand-alone workshop, but is also part of a progressive programme which will be run over the next month. Discounts available for the full programme - please enquire.

Read more about Geraldine here