Fun, Family, Friendship

Hello Smiley-Happy People,

One of the things I am really enjoying on this entrepreneurship adventure is the array of people I am meeting; people with different interests, strengths, mannerisms, perspectives.

As I tell people about this venture, it’s fantastic to see how they start to think about ways that this thing can go and grow from strength to strength.  That’s the magic of a good idea: it’s catching, and it can become a great thing for everyone.

This weekend my kids put on one of their shows for their grandparents - they take turns to decide the running order of dancing, music, joke-telling and such and as adoring parents & grandparents, we think they’re just amazing.  It's such a simple thing that gives them opportunities to use their imaginations and above all, have fun.

We all need fun in our lives, and the more fun the better; we forget how important fun is as we get older and have more responsibilities and demands.  Children have it sussed - we should smile everyday, laugh as much as we can, look out and live for the good times.

As Dr Seuss says, “There is no one alive that is Youer than You.” Our humanity is our common denominator, and our uniqueness is our superpower.  We are all richer for having all of us in the world, that we can learn from and grow with.

And when we pull together in a common cause, we can make a huge difference to our lives and to our world around us.

So individual to individual, I reach out my hand to each of you dear readers in friendship, in family and in fun!

Must dash,


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