Brenda Kelly - Flutterbys and Pretticoats

Brenda Kelly profile picture, blanket maker from Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

Brenda Kelly lives in Dungannon, a widowed mum to 5 children, 4 of whom have fledged and one who remains in the nest.  Brenda is a person-centred counsellor and volunteers with a bereavement charity where she works with children.

What gave Brenda the blanket-making bug was an amazing CAL(crochet along) by Deidri Uys called Sophie’s Universe: feeling like a challenge, but "not really believing I would succeed in completing it, I decided to give it a go... when I crocheted my last stitch, I had such a sense of achievement and pride! That was it: I had been bitten by the blanket bug and I just kept going.  There’s something almost magic about gathering together several balls of beautiful yarn and a wee metal hook, and letting my imagination run riot and seeing what happens!!"

As well as making blankets, Brenda is a keen gardener and loves “making” flowers: "when I think about it, it's is like another kind of magic...stick a tiny dot of a seed in the ground and within a year I will have an amazing flower..." Brenda has treated us to some of her flowers when bringing over her beautiful blankets, and the smells and colours instantly put us into good spirits. Who says happiness isn't catching? 

"Blankets represent security, warmth and love to me and that's why I like making them."

See some of Brenda's beautiful baby blankets in her Flutterbys and Pretticoats collection. Brenda also takes commissions - just get in contact with us and we'll be happy to make the connection.