Sarah Logan - Inner Happiness NI

This is Sarah Logan, the woman behind Inner Happiness NI which offers mindfulness and positive mental wellbeing workshops to children, teens and adults.

Married to her best friend and blessed with 3 children and a cat, Sarah enjoys reading empowering books, sea dips, walking in nature, chocolate, belly laughs with friends, travelling, listening to music and getting lost in tv box sets :-) 

Hailing from and living in Benburb, Co. Tyrone, Sarah is very grateful for her mindfulness practice and how this daily practice has made such a positive impact on her life and her family's.

After the sad passing of her brother, Sarah took stock and realised she had not been content for some time, and so she decided to take the leap from a 'safe' job she had held for 16 years, but which did not challenge or inspire her. As an advocate of change-making, Sarah begins her practice at home: if we want to change the world, we need to be the change. So Sarah struck out on her own, learning more about mindfulness and the importance of mental wellbeing in daily life, and then forming her own business to help others to grow and become fulfilled.

Mindfulness and living a more aware life has helped Sarah to have a more peaceful, loving home and to accept herself as she is, and now she wants to share this gift. Her happiness is complete when some one tells her that something she has shared in a workshop has helped them in their lives - this a source of pure joy. 

Working with all ages, Sarah adjusts her sessions to the needs of the group or the individual, and is passionate about working with young minds to create and foster mindfulness from a young age, to carry through a life-long sense of happiness, security and fulfilment.  

In our summer creative mindfulness workshops, Sarah will teach techniques and practices to help us live a more mindful life, using arts and crafts to help us learn and remember - all with lots of fun!

Living a mindful life helps us to be aware of our emotions, be calmer and helps us focus and be grateful for what we have in our lives.

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