Well-being Workshop No. 3: Connect-2-Communicate

Well-being Workshop No. 3: Connect-2-Communicate

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In this third workshop with Geraldine from Connect2Brilliance, we will explore how to use good communication to realise our goals and achieve our happiest lives. 

Note: this is a stand-alone workshop, but attendants of our previous C2B workshops "Connect-2-Me" and "Connect-2-Mind" will build on their learning in those sessions. If you already know what Well-being is, about the importance of focusing inward to keep yourself at your best self, then this workshop will also work for you.

Talking - we do it every day, for large parts of the day, but what do we really say?

Chatting with best friends is easy - you don't even have to think about what you're saying or how you're saying it. Those conversations are easy. Fun. Stress-free.

But conversations with people who challenge your patience, who expect or demand things you don't want to give, those are not so easy.  Those are not fun, or stress-free, and they sap your energy in a big way.

Do we really say what we mean, or do we hold back to avoid confrontation or awkwardness? And in so doing, what does that do for you and your happiness quotient?

With Geraldine's guiding hand, we will explore how to effectively and safely use language to ensure we only commit or agree to things that suit us and our paths. In the moment, it is easy to be a people pleaser, but the aftermath of that can be quite dramatic and may bring us very far off our own path to happiness.

By staying away from places and things that make you sad, feel inadequate or stress you out, you preserve your inner happiness and keep your energy for those things that you really do want to do. You only have one go at this thing called Life, so make it the best life for you.

Building on from our understanding of Self, of how to recognise and deal with Stress, we now turn to Good Communication. 

In this session, we will learn about how to use safe and effective language, body language and behaviours to accept and decline those places and things that do and do not suit us. Your house is what you make it, and you can open and shut the doors and windows in a way that suits you and keeps you at your best self. When you see a whirling storm headed your way, you need to close and batten the hatches. Sunshine peeping out behind the clouds - throw open those windows and bask in the rays that bring you happiness! 

In a similar format to our previous Wellbeing Workshops, we will start with a calming sequence to slow the day down, then some gentle movement to wake up the senses and increase the blood flow around the body.  We'll then turn to the learning of this workshop, Good and Effective Communication. Followed by yoga and ending with a guided visualisation to help you know how to incorporate this vital self-care into your regular routine.  

Aromatherapy oils will be used during the session to awaken the senses, and we will have mats available for yoga, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. Please bring a warm fleece or blanket for the end of the session as your body cools down during the visualisation.

Numbers are limited to ensure each participant gets individual attention and benefits fully.

This is a stand-alone workshop, but is also part of a progressive programme which will be run over the next month. Discounts available for the full programme - please enquire.

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