Well-being Workshop: Connect-2-Me

Well-being Workshop: Connect-2-Me

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Join us for this Well-being Workshop to give yourself some well-needed Me Time; a break from your busy life.

In the rough and tumble of the pandemic world, it has been a tough time for adults trying to hold the show together. Escape routes we previously had are dusty from misuse. Self-care has slipped here and there, slowly making its way to the bottom rung.  

A lot of us are only now coming to realise just how much we've neglected the most important person in our life: Me. 

It's been hard. Very hard. 

We are here to help!

If you are not functioning at your highest self, then you can't give all that you want to your loved ones. When you are not firing at all pistons it becomes harder to access the joy within. When you keep losing time in the daily grind to everyone around you, then you are missing out on the vital recharging and connections between your body and your mind. 

So take some time to slow down and turn the spotlight inwards and re-evaluate your core beliefs. Take a step away, give yourself some space, Disconnect to Reconnect. You deserve it - more than that, you need it.

In this workshop we will focus on Being Well, using a calming sequence to slow the day down, then some gentle movement to wake up the senses and increase the blood flow around the body.  We'll learn about what Mindfulness is and how to work it into your daily life. Followed by yoga and ending with a guided visualisation to help you know how to incorporate this vital self-care into your regular routine.  

Aromatherapy oils will be used during the session to awaken the senses, and we will have mats available for yoga, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish. Please bring a warm fleece or blanket for the end of the session as your body cools down during the visualisation.

Numbers are limited to ensure each participant gets individual attention and benefits fully.

This is a stand-alone workshop, but is also part of a progressive programme which will be run over the next month. Discounts available for the full programme - please enquire.

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