After the Ball

We did it!

We had our first day with Joe Public, and what a day it was too!  

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, we rocked up at dawn to our little spot on the planet and set up our tuck shop.  As it was organised, our only home-made offering was some yummy scones from the mother-in-law served with cream & jam - they were gone in record time! But at least our meagre offering gave us a chance to talk to some lovely folk about our enterprise and what was to come.

A day of trotting about serving tea, coffee & snackage followed, meeting people and chatting about all things science & well-being.  We had some keen eyes spotting our dinosaurs, skeleton and planets, and I’m happy to report that the youth of the Dungannon region are well-versed in such lofty matters of science!

So after a full twelve-hours on the trot, we closed up shop, cleaned up & cleared out.  It was a fantastic way to kick-start the engine of our enterprise - we’ll have it polished, full of juice and raring to go in no time!

Keep checking in…

Must dash....