Break the Bias - International Women's Day 2022

Happy International Women's Day 2022! This is the day where we acknowledge the greatness of the women around us, and review whether any further rebalancing is needed in the quest for gender equality.

It would be lovely to say all is good, that everything is right in the world and in the workplace, that we are all safe and free to do as we wish without recrimination. Sadly, that is not yet true. Biases continue to block progress, discussions are yet to be held and further lights need to be shone. But it's moving in the right direction, and we need to continue to fight bias and barriers, to question, to challenge, to improve.

For us at The Fox & Bean, we seek to uplift our partner artists and our community through our creative events. Our wider mission as a social enterprise is to bring happiness and wellbeing to those around us, and to bring our community closer together in this.

Even though we had no intention of it being a female-dominated enterprise, this has in fact happened. We have 15 partner artists, 14 of whom are females. Our work force has, with just one exception, been made up of women. And although we never specifically aim our events at females, by and large our audience is female. So although it brings us great pride and wellbeing to be able to support all these wonderful females, we must question ourselves as to why we are not reaching more men.

Feminism is not about prioritising females over males. It is about having equality. And so we must strive to achieve that in all that we do, and to make sure that we are not overlooking or missing opportunities to engage with all of our community.

So on this International Women's Day 2022, we want to celebrate all of the men and women in our community. We see you, we support you, we want to lift each and every one of you up.

And we challenge you to Break the Bias too. What more can you do to achieve gender equality? How can we make our world a better place? Is there something more you'd like to see us do?

We want to hear from you, our amazing customers. How can we help?

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