Technically Amazing

Morning Foxy Fellows!

Anyone else feeling a bit Groundhog Day? The initial shock seems to have passed and we are now in a strange state of half-suspension - feels like holidays because we are all home together but work still needs to get done and kids still need to be educated and entertained.  

One great thing that has come of the Lockdown is the positive use of technology. We're Zooming away video-calling family and friends, and WhatsApp groups are providing plenty of challenges for the kids - some coaches might find themselves in different careers by the end of this! The rise of a new class of vloggers :-)  

And Netflix, Prime, all the on-demand players - where would we be without all that amazing tv?

After hearing so much about the effect trolls and keyboard champions can wreck on people to the saddest of ends, it's a very welcome change to see technology being used wholesale for good.  

Happily, there is a huge amount of goodness on social media at the moment - what an overwhelming outpouring of goodwill in these community groups! Neighbours are reaching out to neighbours in each village and town, offering their help and listening ear.  And very importantly, no negativity or unkindness is being tolerated in these groups - hallelujah!

And what about the scrubs? Holey moley! What an amazing thing - everyone is jumping in to help cut patterns, cut material, sew, deliver, organise, communicate - even donating paper and material. 

It's phenomenal how these frameworks have sprung up in mere days - no extensive planning with numerous redrafts, no recruitment drives, no reams of rules or procedures - an overnight massive network of workers united in a common cause to help each other.

It goes to show that people are inherently good and they do want to help. Pre-Covid-19, we were all running around racing to get the day done and there was hardly a minute to take time for these creative and collaborative projects. I know I have a cupboard full of half-finished projects and it is only now that I am #stayingathome that I have time to turn to these again - my self-care in finishing Easter bunnies with pompom tails is going mighty :-)

It also proves there are plenty of crafty folk out there - woop woop! We can't wait to meet you all in person when we resume our classes and workshops!!

So let's keep using our technology for good things and use our time to explore our creativity again. Watch out for our weekly well-being and creativity series - there'll be loads of great projects to do using things you have around the house for kids and adults, and lots to boost your mental happiness quotient.

We'll Zoom through this pandemic no bother :-)

Must dash,


Artwork by Claire Tully, whose art is available for purchase in our shop - watch out for our online shop coming soon. Check out Claire's beautiful works on Instagram @claraty.creative