Caroline Dilworth - Les Papillons

Caroline Dilworth of Les Papillons, The Fox & Bean partner artist

Caroline Dilworth is an artist resident in Irvinestown, Co. Fermanagh. Having previously painted on large-scale canvasses, Caroline found herself struggling through arthritic-ridden hands, and unable to move as freely as before, she took to expressing her art in miniature form. And what better way to treasure this than with jewellery! A winning combination was born.

We're delighted to collaborate with Caroline in her Dark Woods and Natural Woodland collections which she has created for us celebrating all things foxy.

Caroline particularly loves painting faces and above all, animal faces (which we are wholly in support of!). If you have something or some one in particular you would like to commemorate in these beautiful works of art, get in touch and we'll put this in motion.

See Caroline Dilworth's Dark Woods Collection here and Natural Woodland Collection here.